Eating Insects

I have been reading a book, where the main characters are stuck in the woods and have no food. They are not able to hunt or forage for food, but they were able to harvest some termites they found in a tree they knocked over. The brainy protagonist explains they will starve unless they get some protein, which insects are rich in.

So, this got me thinking about this. One of my favorite food celebrities in Anthony Bourdain. He is such a New Yorker, with attitude, insight and class! He is fearless in his quest for food around the world, willing to try anything. He has eaten many bugs that are considered a delicacy. People always said ‘This is considered a delicacy.’ It didn’t help my stomach churning at the thought of eating living creatures. This always makes me think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I admit, it still skives me out. I may not have as broad a palette as Tony, but I try.



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