I Think this is how to make Stuffed Peppers

I recently took a stab at making stuffed peppers without really knowing what the ingredients were. I only knew of this dish because I saw my step-father order it on many occasions at the Budd Lake Dinner. From what I could tell, it consisted of a bell pepper stuffed with rice and meat of some kind. I thought I remembered some breadcrumbs on top. I know it sounds like I was being lazy… and I kind of was by not looking up the recipe. I decided to wing it.

I took a yellow bell pepper and cut it in half. Cleaned and trimmed the inside. I made some rice the day before and had some leftover lentils. I mixed the rice, lentils, green verde salsa and finely diced grilled chicken with some seasonings in a bowl. Then I spooned the mixture into the 2 halves until it was even with the top. Placed the 2 now stuffed peppers on a baking sheet. I sprayed PAM on the sheet and pepper once placed. Topping them off with shredded cheddar cheese and bread crumbs.

Pre-heated the oven, while prepping, to 450°. Baked the peppers for 30 minutes. I checked them periodically to see if my 2 goals had come to fruition. Goal #1: The wall of the pepper must be moist, like a roasted pepper, yet firm to hold it’s structure. Goal #2. Get it brown, but not burnt. I also threw more cheese and breadcrumbs half way through. 

After it was done, I set the pan down on the stove top to admire my work. The top was cheesy brown with little crisps. Yummer! The skin was loose and slightly charred. Smelled incredible. It smelled so good, I ate it all before I thought to take a picture. So all you get is the testimony of this cook. For not knowing the ‘correct’ way, my version came out excellent. Probably could have made it vegetarian. Nice and juicy, but not too messy. I cut it with my fork and cherished every bite.

I encourage you to experiment in the kitchen based on cooking knowledge you already possess. If you have baked a potato before, you could probably figure out how to make a twice baked potato. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but now you know not to do it again. If my attempt failed, I would go to Wendy’s to get a baked potato and small chili, both on the value menu. I then dump the chili on the potato and top with the sour cream. Through some hot sauce up in there. It is a guaranteed good time.


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