Eating Insects

I have been reading a book, where the main characters are stuck in the woods and have no food. They are not able to hunt or forage for food, but they were able to harvest some termites they found in a tree they knocked over. The brainy protagonist explains they will starve unless they get some protein, which insects are rich in.

So, this got me thinking about this. One of my favorite food celebrities in Anthony Bourdain. He is such a New Yorker, with attitude, insight and class! He is fearless in his quest for food around the world, willing to try anything. He has eaten many bugs that are considered a delicacy. People always said ‘This is considered a delicacy.’ It didn’t help my stomach churning at the thought of eating living creatures. This always makes me think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I admit, it still skives me out. I may not have as broad a palette as Tony, but I try.



Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Ever wonder what to do with left overs? I don’t like to eat what I had the previous day or the same thing all week, but I waste nothing. So when I have some left over chicken, it’s a blank canvas. One of the go-to meals I like to make is fried rice. Although you must have some foresight. You can’t fry rice immediately after you make it. It’s still too porous and would just make it mushy. It must be refrigerated, day-old rice to prevent this. I always try to make extra anytime I make some. It will keep for at least a week.

You can use most any kind of rice. jasmine, basmati, long grain, white, yellow. Not a fan of brown rice, but to each their own. So we get your rice from the fridge and left over chicken, shrimp or pork (tofu for veggies). Get whatever veggies you use for stir fry, but onions are essential. Some vegetables I use are red/green bell peppers, corn, peas, carrots medley, broccoli. For seasoning I use garlic, cumin, cilantro, salt, pepper, oregano, soy sauce.

I will list the ingredients below, but it is really to taste. I smell, then taste right out of the pan. The scent should make your mouth water. Pour a generous some of olive oil (appropriate to the ratio of the rice) in a large frying pan with diced garlic on high. When the garlic starts to brown, throw in the onions and rice and set the burner to medium-high. Stay with it, keep moving it around every couple minutes. The goal is to get it crispy, but not burned. Very fine line we are walking here. After about 6 minutes of that, throw all the vegetables in. Mix it up real good. Add your spices for niceness. Add a little of that soy sauce, but just enough to give some color to the rice, not a puddle.  Now throw in the pre-cooked meat (or meat substitute for you hippies). Everything should be sizzling. Turn down the heat after the veggies and meat have been in for 5 minutes, let it be on low and walk away for 5 minutes. Grab the handle of the pan and shake it horizontally side to side. This is to prevent sticking. Give it a minute. (I know, I’m hungry too) Take a spatula and flip the rice like an egg. It should look brownish gold. YES!! Now throw 2 large eggs in the pan. Don’t think, just crack and drop. As the egg cooks, mix it in with a chopping motion. Do the shaking, but every minute or so now. It may take a while, but the crispiness is well worth it. When it is crispy to your liking, you are done!

Now bowl it up, celebrate with some hot sauce and adult beverage of choice.

NEEDED: day-old rice, 1 onion, diced garlic, pre-cooked meat or substitute, oil, soy sauce, 1 bell pepper, peas-carrots-corn medley, 2 eggs, cumin, red and black pepper, large frying pan, adult beverage while you cook.