Dining Out – Fette Sau BBQ

When I think of Brooklyn, BBQ and Bourbon, only one place comes to mind: Fette Sau. It is a rustic, former mechanic’s garage converted into a place that leaves you smelling like meat. It is located at the heart of hipster ground zero (Williamsburg), at the corner of Metropolitan and Havermyer, across the street from Knitting factory, directly between the Bedford and Lorimer L stops. Needless to say, this place gets a lot of traffic. There is a long driveway lined with picnic benches, surrounded by barbed wire fences with a hanging pink neon sign, like a beacon in the night.

Once inside, the smell od smoked meat permeates the senses. The line can be long, especially on the weekend or a nice day, but it gives you plenty of opportunity to decide what you want, written on a chalk board with the current selections. A fireplace is always going, although it is on a TV. There are plenty of sides to choose from including, Dante’s German Potato Salad, Cora’s Broccoli Salad, Guss’ Half-Sour Kosher Pickles, Guss’ Sauerkraut and Burnt End Baked Beans. You have a metal tray, covered with wax paper, where your meat heaped and priced by weight. The meat is displayed behind glass and labeled, so you can get close and point at what you want. You also get a couple Martin’s Potato Rolls for pushing, dipping and stuffing the BBQ.  Once you get to the picnic-style benches, similar to a German beer hall, there are plenty of paper towels and different types bbq sauce, to give a personal touch.

Another way to pass the time on line is to order from the extensive Bourbon menu. This is half the reason I go. Too many sections to mention, but if you like your whiskey… welcome home. The list includes alcohol content and prices. My go-to selections are Gentleman Jack or Wild Turkey 101. If you like ice, they place a large cube of ice in a classy tumbler. It is a full bar, with other spirits and beer on tap. Beer is poured in “Growlers” pints, but served in, what looks like boot-legger jugs. by the quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon.

All the meat is smoked and dry-rubbed on the premises. Their website lists the farms which raise these tasty creatures. It is the kind of place that I would highly suggest to try at least once if you are visiting Williamsburg. It has also been Zaggat rated the Besat BBQ in NYC 2009, 2010, 2011. I can’t say enough about this place. Just get there early! No reservations for this Mecca of my favorite BBQ in Brooklyn.

354 Metropolitan Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Open Mon – Thurs 5 pm – 11 pm
Fri/Sat/Sun Open 12 pm – 11 pm.
Kitchen and front yard close at 11pm


Dining Out – CARACAS

Restaurant Review: This is the first of many restaurant experiences I will share. I will only talk about how good the food is and what I liked. Unless it was extremely bad, no reason to write about something bland. So I have picked one of my favorite establishments, Caracas Arepa Bar, located in Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY. There are other locations, but this is my favorite. It has outdoor back yard! They serve arepas, which are toasted (outside), yet spongy (inside) corn-flour, pita-like pockets filled with goodness.

Arepas originate from Venezuela and are at the center of every meal. Caracas has fused the traditional with NYC sensibility. It contains anything from beef, chorizo, grilled chicken, Perico (Venezuelan-style eggs, scrambled with peppers and onions), avocado, Guyanese cheese, black beans, and much more. Most entree’s can be made vegetarian and Gluten-free. They also offer platters, salads, brunch, sidekicks and rum bar, Roneria Caracas. I love appetizers and tapas. It’s what my mom calls ‘grazing’. Any choice you make will be the right one. However, I have my favorites, so let me go into detail.

Roneria Caracas rum bar: The restaurant consulted Apotheke’s Orson Salicetti to create a rum-heavy cocktail menu, as well as gather more than 30 premium rums from the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America. My favorite beverage is the michelada. They are perfected with exact amounts of spice and flavor in every ounce. Their recipe features Pacifico, lemon, housemade spicy panela and salt. I get a shot of rum for an extra dollar and pour it in the mix. Delicious and hard to just have one.

The guacamole and homemade plantains are great. They have 2 different kinds of plantains as sides. Croquetas are super tasty fried potato cakes of chorizo, corn & cilantro. My current favorite arepa is “la sureña“, filled with grilled chicken, chorizo, avocado & spicy chimi-curry sauce. For Brunch my go-to, especially if I want something a little lighter, is “la sencilla” consisting of Perico (scrambled eggs with pepper and onions) and white cheese.

I recently went there for brunch with my family, table of 6, and they had never been. Seating is quite roomy, but it gets busy, so they take reservations only at the Brooklyn location. We got there early (starts at noon), so we sat right down. During the nice weather there is sizable back yard with seating. If you are waiting, the rum tiki bar is at the front. We over-ordered, because my family is worried that we may not have enough. Needless to say, there were doggie bags. We all did a toast with a micheladas, and the extra shot. My mom doesn’t drink, so she was feeling nice. We all left with a sense of satisfaction, everything tasted great and the staff was incredibly friendly. So bring family, friends, dates, anyone who wants a break from the norm, with something for everyone.

291 Grand st.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Hours: Everyday 12-noon to 11-pm